How Nick and Holly Saved Christmas by Carla Rossi

How Nick and Holly Saved Christmas


When the holidays are already wrecked, sometimes Christmas finds you and is saved after all.

Holly Moreau and Nick Zernigan aren’t friends at school—or anywhere else. Especially since Holly blames Nick for her broken nose after a freak accident. But when they find themselves unexpectedly dropped with older relatives at a retirement complex over Christmas break, they must make peace. They have to. It’s the only way to survive karaoke night and a senior citizen Christmas dance.

Holly thinks Nick is a careless loser. Nick thinks Holly is a too-serious choir nerd. Can one party and a crime spree change their minds about each other? And can Nick and Holly remember the miracle of Christmas and find the answers to some of their hidden questions?


This is a new edition of a previously published novella entitled How Nick and Holly Wrecked… Saved Christmas. The content has been updated, but the core story remains the same.

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Dr Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy by Carla Rossi

Dr. Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy

This version of Dr. Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy is an updated second edition of a previously published novella of the same name. The core story remains the same.

College senior and not-so-ex-ballerina Jane Trumbull is home for Christmas break. She welcomes the joyful chaos of a happy family holiday—then the rollercoaster of emotions begins.

Veterinarian Dr. Noah Barron hopes his return to Cardinal Point, Texas and his new clinic will help him forget about his dark days in California. But he can’t outrun unresolved issues and doesn’t know how lonely he really is—until he meets slightly clumsy Un-Plain Jane.

Can Jane and Noah learn to share who they really are and what they really want? And can they allow God to send joy after sorrow, hope for hidden dreams, and healing for past wounds?

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Charlotte's Twenty Third Annual Azalea Tea by Carla Rossi

Charlotte's Twenty-Third Annual Azalea Tea

Med student Charlotte Navarro is exhausted. Her strenuous schedule is wearing her out, and she may have lost her passion for the one job she always wanted. Add to that her stuck-in-a-rut romance and an obligatory charity event she hosts every year, and Charlotte has had enough.

When past love Hunter Ross McDaniel appears seemingly from nowhere, she takes the opportunity to demand answers from him that are long overdue.

Will she get the closure she needs, or will Hunter once again let her down?

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Red, White, and Baby Blue

Supermodel Toni Moretti used to have it all in LA. Now, she’s come home to Cardinal Point, Texas with nothing but a surprise—an unexpected bundle of joy set to arrive in July. But how does a washed-up twenty-something fashion model reinvent and support herself when she has no other marketable skills? Maybe the secret to her success is buried in her childhood home amongst fabric scraps and sketches.

Arch Lawrence has stepped out of his father’s shadow and into his own unique retail furniture business in Cardinal Point. He has to be a success, but good help and suitable vendors are hard to find—and hiring a clever but stubborn and out-of-his-league supermodel with a secret could be the best or worst decision of his life.

If Toni embraces her true strength and purpose, and Arch realizes happily-ever-afters are real, these three just might make a family.


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Almost Home for the Holidays – A Cardinal Point Inspirational Holiday Romance

The perfect road trip: 2 strangers, 1 truck, and 1400 miles to fall in love.

Detective Justin Hatcher and Cameron McAlister are in a hurry to leave North Carolina—for totally different reasons. He wants to confront his family in Cardinal Point, Texas about a five-year-old betrayal. She wants to escape the remnants of a failed marriage. Thrown together as unlikely and unexpected travel partners, their trip is filled with both dramatic and humorous situations along the road. But, with God’s constant hand in their journey, Justin and Cameron may just discover that…

Yes, you can go home again…especially at Christmastime.

Almost Home for the Holidays was originally published as Almost Home in 2008. This version has been updated and edited, but the core story remains the same.

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The Widow's Christmas Ruse by Carla Rossi

The Widow’s Christmas Ruse - A Funny, Later in Life, Enemies to Lovers Sweet Romance

onna Calfee’s had a couple of lonely years since her husband died—God rest his soul. With her son far from Cardinal Point and the family furniture store becoming less fun and less profitable, she wonders if it’s time to sell out and move on. She always wanted to travel and play with her grandchildren, but the first isn’t fun to do alone, and no babies are on the way. Wesley Lawrence has made millions as the well-known Recliner King of Texas. With a chain of furniture stores across the state, he gets his kicks taking over independent businesses and absorbing them into his empire. With his fourth wife’s departure and their ugly divorce, he escapes the scrutiny of his personal life to hide out in Cardinal Point. What’s more fun at Christmastime than making a small-town owner an offer she can’t refuse?

But Wesley didn’t count on Donna Calfee’s shrewd and stubborn streak, and she didn’t count on enjoying The Recliner King’s company. Maybe with a little manipulation at holiday time, they can strike a mutually beneficial deal. But is it all strictly business?


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My Half Price Valentine by Carla Rossi

My Half-Price Valentine – A Cardinal Point Sweet Contemporary Romance

Annalise Winston left Cardinal Point years ago with a bad attitude and an even worse reputation. She never expected to be welcomed back with open arms, but she also didn’t think someone would shoot at her parked car and vandalize the animal shelter she has come to save from financial ruin. Is it really personal? Or just a coincidence the attacks seem directed at both her and her important mission at the shelter?

Shane Calfee loves his job as co-owner of Cardinal Point Security Services, but lately, the long hours and lack of sleep are getting to him. Especially since his mom still pressures him to run the family furniture store instead of pursuing his dream to move up to other jobs in law enforcement. To top it all, his best friend’s ex-girlfriend, Annalise, is back in town and in danger. How is it he’s the one who happens to be around when she needs him? And why does that feel so good when it should be oh, so bad?


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Carla Rossi Father Daughter Picnic

The Father-Daughter Picnic – A Sweet Contemporary Romance

2nd Place in the Inspirational Short Category of the Oklahoma RWA’s International Digital Awards!

Caroline Bishop has a plan. She intends to find a father for her six-year-old daughter Ava, and she’s going to use an online dating service to do it. Who needs romance when you have the internet? Only problem is, no one meets her requirements, and no one will ever measure up to the husband and father they lost. But Caroline’s job as a medical administrator leaves little time to find a match, especially when one of her patients is the cantankerous Cooper Hollister, whose arrogant son Graham fights her every step of the way.

Graham Hollister is back in Cardinal Point on a mission: manage his father’s care following an accident, and find a replacement to run their family business—Cardinal Point’s historic bank. But Graham has other problems. His career is in a downward spiral, and being in his hometown only brings back painful memories he’d rather not confront.

Caroline and Graham seem to bring out the worst in each other, but why? They need each other and Ava needs them, but can they make peace in time for Cardinal Point’s annual Father-Daughter Picnic?


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A Blessing of the Heart – A Cardinal Point Sweet Contemporary Romance

What happens when a big-city career girl meets a small-town single & seeking pastor? Find out in this humorous opposites attract Cardinal Point romance.

Marti Rayburn has hit a career bump in the worst possible way. At the top of her field in the financial world, she falls for the completely wrong man. Her best choice after an embarrassing fall from grace? Start over in a new place. But first… Marti must return to Cardinal Point for a long overdue visit with her beloved Grandma Rose. What could possibly happen in the sleepy little town as she nurses a broken heart and plans her next big career move?

Jim Brennen has his hands full in his new call at Cardinal Point’s small historical community church. Who knew some of his wisest members would turn out to be some of his biggest critics when it comes to expanding the church? Don’t they want the place to grow?

Marti’s business and financial advice is just what Jim needs, but some are so up in arms over her past and his future, the two can hardly speak, let alone grow a friendship. And when word of their mutual attraction and chemistry gets out? Well, haters are gonna hate, and gossipers are gonna gossip. Can Marti and Jim take the heat?

A Blessing of the Heart was originally published as Limited Light in 2008. This version has been updated and edited, but the core story remains the same.

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When Love Leads you Home by Carla Rossi

When Love Leads You Home

Winner! Houston Bay Area RWA’s Judge a Book by Its Cover Contest.  Award of Merit  Finalist! 2016 Holt Medallion sponsored by Virginia Romance Writers. Finalist! I Heart Indie cover contest sponsored by Las Vegas RWA. Finalist! International Digital Awards sponsored by Oklahoma RWA. Finalist! The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence sponsored by Southern Magic RWA.

All Jacey Steele’s life, she’s focused on one thing: gymnastics. After missing the Olympic team because of injury, and being shut out by her ‘winning is everything’ father, she’s built a career as a top notch, award-winning coach. When a serious student injury propels her to the outside of the gymnastics world, she finds herself broke and alone – until a bequest from a mysterious and unknown aunt takes her on an unexpected journey. Who was Aunt Winnie, and what does the equally mysterious and unknown Mr. Boudreaux have to do with it?

Army veteran, Cole Boudreaux, has returned home a hero to Cardinal Point, Texas, but a few things went wrong with his homecoming. His fiancée cut him loose, and he lost his position as a police officer because a wartime injury left him nearly deaf. Then, the woman who was like a mother to him dies suddenly. Cole knows God has a plan, and if he could settle Winnie’s estate and grow his budding security business, he just might figure out what it is. Winnie’s niece is not making it easy. She’s rolled into town with a ton of baggage and secrets she’s not willing to share. Why is Jacey so distant, and why is she so determined to not let him in?


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The Living End of Cancer by Carla Rossi

The Living End of Cancer

If you are a cancer patient, caregiver, or medical professional, this book is to encourage you. It is my first-person account of my journey.

In April of 2010, multi-published, award-winning author Carla Rossi felt the best she ever had. That all changed with one routine doctor visit. Tossed into diagnostic tests, surgery, chemotherapy, procedures, and targeted drug therapy, Carla gives us a transparent glimpse into what the journey was really like – good and bad. With friends and family at her side, Carla takes us through the ups and downs of her non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer battle with practical and scriptural faith, humor, and her own understanding of the medications that helped save her life.


If you’d like a free PDF copy of this book, please contact me.