Editorial Services


I specialize in fiction editing, and do not edit non-fiction.

My expertise lies in the ‘big picture’ view of your manuscript. I focus on GMC, plot structure, POV, and characterization. I strive to determine if the story works. Does it make sense? Does the story line flow? Is it structured properly? If not, how can it be fixed?

Content/Developmental/Substantive Editing:

In the first round edits, I will read your completed MS and use Track Changes to make notes and comments. I usually make general story suggestions in an e-mail when I return the MS to you. I offer examples, when possible, by way of light rewriting. First round edits include:

  • identifying plot holes and checking the clarity and overall development of the story
    • Does the story start in the right place? Does it follow a logical path? Is it consistent?
  • establishing that the characters are well-developed and believable
    • Have you written realistic, authentic, and multi-layered characters, and do they follow a natural and consistent arc through the story?
  • checking for POV issues
    • Are you writing in the best possible POV for the scene/story/character and for your market?
  • identifying possible problems with word choice, awkward sentences, story gaps, show-don’t-tell issues, and other general writing mistakes
  • identifying common errors in grammar and word usage
    • Important Note: This is not an in-depth copy or line edit. I will do my best to address these issues in your MS. However, this round is more about the overall story and how your book can be the best it can be. This step may require reworking some story or character elements and a subsequent copyedit will be necessary to further polish your work.

Cost: $.01 per word and up


A copyedit is typically the second round of edits. There are no rewrites or story changes. The point is to polish your work and catch all remaining grammar and punctuation errors.

Cost: $.01 per word and up

My Mentor Program:

I accept authors to mentor on a case-by-case basis and as my editing schedule permits. My goal is to help you through the writing process as you journey toward publication. As a mentor, I offer:

  • introductory session by phone to determine where you are with your WIP
  • brainstorming session by phone to discuss and map your story
  • critique of your MS, usually by chapter, to determine where you are in your writing ability
    • At this point, you write and I review. I’ll make comments and suggestions as you work so you can get past common grammar/word usage mistakes and typical story issues such as show-don’t-tell, POV, and GMC. This will be by e-mail and you may ask for clarification as we go.

All mentor work is billed on an hourly basis. The rate is determined by your skill level and per our first discussion.


I accept payment via PayPal. Editing jobs require 50% deposit to be scheduled. The per word rate is based on the total words at the time of submission. Authors in my mentoring program will be invoiced at the hourly rate as we proceed.

Please contact me for more information.


Writing a review for Carla is just not enough. How do you tell the world that an editor changed your life?

A chance encounter led me to her services. It was immediately clear from her years of experience and countless editorial successes that she was good at what she does. But Carla gives you something more – a conscientious mentorship that is nothing less than transformative.

She is the quintessential teacher. She’s tough and will diligently remind you each time you slip into bad habits. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear.

Don’t be scared off by this. Carla provides an opportunity for you to grow as a writer. Please don’t pass this up. ~Robert W. Oliver II~Dragonfly~

The Best Advice And Editing I Have Ever Received. There are good editors and then there are excellent editors. Carla Rossi is in a league all on her own. She provides spot on suggestions, advice, and critiques that brings out the best in your story. She has a good command of timing and pace, knows how to bring out the hooks so they are easily identified (those gems that keep you reading more), helps with flow and offers suggestions on how to make your prose succinct without compromising the voice, and asks poignant questions on character development and plot that keeps things real and on-point. Carla is a thorough grammarian and helps maintain the point-of-view and proper tenses.

I can’t say enough about Carla.

You can pay a person on-line to edit your work and hope they do a good job, or you can pay a real professional who will help you take your manuscript to the next level. Do yourself a favor. Get the professional. Hire Carla. ~R.M. Brand~Milagro~

Carla is a very thorough editor. She catches everything. And she won’t sugar-coat her opinion to stroke your ego. She tells you like it is for your own good. Otherwise, readers would wreck your ego with Amazon reviews. She’s also great about keeping the email feedback going long after the edit is complete. She doesn’t charge a fortune either. She’s upfront about pricing, giving a per word rate so there are no surprises on the invoice. I highly recommend her. ~R. A. Williams~Carbon-14: The Shroud of Turin, an Amari Johnston novel~

Carla Rossi changed my writing life. Her insights and professionalism took my writing to the next level. If you want an in-depth edit and an editor who desires to help you get better at the craft of writing and storytelling, then Carla’s the editor for you. ~Jami Albright~Running From A Rock Star ~

I have used Carla Rossi Editorial Services for my last two books and only wish I had known about her sooner. I can truly say she made my books shine. She is highly qualified, having taken many editing courses, and easy to work with. She points out problem areas but never tries to change your voice. She is efficient and reasonably priced. I will definitely use her again and highly recommend her services. ~Susan C. Muller~Seasons Pass Series~

Carla Rossi is the ‘word whisperer’ and worth every dime!  She took my last book, pulled it apart, did her magic and gave it back to me. By the time I polished it per her suggestions and guidance, I had a winner on my hands. I submitted to three publishers and prepared myself to wait 8-12 weeks. By the end of the second week, one of them sent me an email that stated, “We read it. We love it. We want it.” Doesn’t get much better than that! Echoes of the Heart was also a double winner in the Holt Medallion contest and is a finalist in The Maggie. None of it would have been possible if Carla hadn’t waved her wand to make it sparkle. ~Stacey A. Purcell~Echoes of the Heart~